Bathroom Art: 11 Ideas to Revitalise Your Space

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27 June 2022


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There's more to designing a bathroom than just its traditional features like a toilet, shower, and sink. Creating a bathroom that is both functional and appealing is important to achieve the right balance and environment. Bathroom art plays a vital role in establishing the mood and atmosphere you’re after and there are plenty of ideas to consider to do exactly that.

Bathroom art is an underrated and underutilised creative design element that can elevate the appearance and feel of your bathroom. Art, as we all know, comes in a variety of styles, forms and expressions with countless different options to choose from. Some of the more successful and popular bathroom art ideas however have followed particular patterns and understanding these can help inform your decisions.

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1. Create a colour scheme and theme

When designing your bathroom, you want to make sure that all of your bathroom art and wall decor tie together in a way that is both meaningful and beautiful. Try to align your choices of bathroom art with your bathroom colour palette or theme to ensure design cohesion and flow.

Select art with a colour palette that contains shades that complement each other, as well as colours that go along with the general theme you have in mind. These creative choices will create a clear guide for this exciting form of bathroom decorating.

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2. Don't shy away from statement pieces

Many people avoid putting bold art pieces in their bathrooms for fear that they may dominate the space. However, your bathroom could be the perfect place to install a statement art piece.

A statement art piece can serve as a great focal point, elevating what is typically a functional space into something artistic and creative. Statement pieces can range from a small yet creative statue to a bold and bright art print. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and choose something daring for your bathroom decor!

3. Choose artistic features and furnishings

Bathroom art is not limited to art prints, statues, or wall decor. A great way to add a modern artistic twist to your bathroom is to incorporate functional pieces that are also creative.

There are many artistic and unique bathroom appliances available in Australia that could be a great fit for your home. From designer bathtubs to antique faucets or expressive light fixtures - these types of bathroom features have qualities that create an artistic impression within your bathroom.

4. Create a gallery wall

Assembling a gallery wall is another great way to enliven any bathroom. Putting together several different pieces of art or showcasing a wall of photography, can give your bathroom an elegant yet lived-in feel.

Crafting your own gallery wall is a great way to personalise your bathroom. Finding pieces that match is a great place to start, especially if this ties in with your overall design scheme. Otherwise, distinct and individual pieces can also work together as a showcase of bathroom wall art that is dynamic and unique.

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5. Add bold art prints

If you're limited in wall space or have a lot of it, a large art print may be just what your bathroom needs. Dedicating a wall of your bathroom to one print alone can really make the art piece stand out. This print can serve as a great focal point and establish a theme in your bathroom decor.

Its boldness can be characterised through colour, especially one that contrasts with your bathroom. It can be through style and expression, for instance by choosing something abstract or surreal. It could even be through subject matter like an exquisite landscape.

Whatever choice you make, a bold print will draw the eye and set an immediate tone that your overall design can revolve around.

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6. Showcase your personality

Don't be afraid to get creative and showcase your personality through your bathroom art. Pick out pieces that speak to you, make you smile, or remind you of things you enjoy. There are many creative bathroom art options to choose from, meaning there is something out there for everyone.

Animal lovers, for instance, are easily satisfied with the selection of animal and wildlife art available. People’s interests can also be incorporated through pieces relating to popular culture, nature or activities.

The bathroom is an incredibly personal space and your choice of bathroom wall decor should reflect this.

7. Get creative with lighting

Your bathroom lighting can even have creative and artistic elements to it. Whether you choose a decorative sconce or an abstract lighting fixture, your lighting can be a central art piece in your bathroom should you wish.

Incorporating expressive lighting into your design is a great way to make the art in your bathroom functional and beautiful. These elegant pieces will be sure to grab the attention of anyone who views them and can be a great addition to your bathroom.

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8. Greenery as living art

Adding plants and greenery to your bathroom can provide it with an airy, natural feeling. This can be in the form of hanging plants like pothos or potted succulent plants. Both are perfect for the bathroom environment because they are tough and require little natural light.

You can easily consider these plants as examples of living art, especially if you prune or position them in artistic ways. They also grant you the opportunity to use decorative potted plant holders as another form of creative expression.

9. Wallpaper can be art too

Wallpaper is not exclusive to your living room or bedroom. In fact, incorporating colourful and patterned wallpaper can be a great way to revitalise your bathroom.

Picking a playful pattern with bright colours is one interesting way to incorporate an art element into your bathroom. Looking at fun prints or colourful wallpapers can brighten the space and help maintain a positive atmosphere in a space where it's always welcome.

10. Artistic tile decor

Tiles are an excellent waterproof option for your bathroom walls that can also work as an art piece. You can opt for colourful statement tiles, various patterns of tile, or even mosaic art tiles to elevate the look and feel of your bathroom. Or, you can choose more muted toned tiles to help the other art you've selected, stand out.

The layout, cut, and style of your tiles can add unique elements to your bathroom. Tiles are very customisable, too, so be sure to look into all of the tile options before making a decision

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11. Explore options through bathroom linen

This example shows that you can find artistic potential in even the most regular of bathroom items. Bath towels and linen are functional but can also be highly decorative and artistic, given they are usually hung or stored in open spaces in the bathroom.

This gives you a great opportunity to bring in artistic elements without having to turn to a large print or sculpture. Other examples can include a playful bath mat, creative soap dispenser or designer shower curtain, all of which can add subtle touches of flair and expression.

Some great bathroom art ideas to try today

Bathroom art can be both functional and beautiful. Whether you're renovating your entire bathroom or sprucing up the space, incorporating bathroom art, no matter what its form, can be a great way to elevate and personalise your bathroom.

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