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What bathroom sinks are in style? Our top picks

What bathroom sinks are in style? Our top picks

If you're looking to renovate your bathroom or powder room, the bathroom sink is one of the most important influencing factors on the overall style that there is. With a variety of types, you're bound to find one that perfectly matches your design, is on-trend and in style. Interior designers love the options below and hopefully, you will too.

Words by Yohei Guy

Undermount sink

Undermount sinks are one of the most popular styles of sinks throughout the home. These sinks are fitted from below and set into the bottom of the countertop.

When installed correctly, the sink and the counter will look like one seamless piece. Because of how common undermount sinks are, there are a variety of materials and colours for homeowners to choose like stainless steel and stone.

They're sleek, stylish, and easy to clean—qualities that are ideal for busy homeowners and families. They also increase counter space. But they may not work with existing countertops, making installation more difficult.

Kallos Spun Glass Undermount Basin from Kohler Australia

Washplane sinks

One of the most modern sinks available is the washplane sink. These sinks are sleek, slender, and stylish. They add a luxury look without taking up a lot of space with their sharp design.

These sinks have a trough at the back of the slightly slanted basin that allows water to drain into hidden pipes. They can be mounted onto the wall or placed atop a cabinet.

Depending on the style of the washplane sink, there could be ample counter space. Many designers love the look of a long counter that flows into a washplane sink seamlessly.

This sink is best for those who love modern and minimalistic design. And while they are visually stunning, they may not offer the best functionality for families with children.

Vessel sinks

One of the most stunning styles of sink is vessel sinks. These sinks sit on a countertop and are often shaped like a bowl—rounded or oval. You can find them in materials ranging from stone to glass.

The installation is easy because you won't have to cut into the countertop. Once the vessel is secured in place, it will be ready to use.

Vessel sinks offer a variety of sizes and shapes, so finding one that fits your style won't be difficult. However, taller sides can make pairing the sink with a tap a challenge.

B1306-1 Hugi Oval Vessel Basin from Stonebaths

Table-top sinks

Table-top sinks are similar to vessel sinks as they sit on top of a flat surface. The main difference between the two is that a table-top sink is usually square or rectangular when the vessel sink is round.

These sinks can free-float in the centre of the counter, allowing for taps to be placed behind the sink. Some table-top sinks may also have taps mounted on them.

The flat surface they sit on is usually a vanity cabinet attached to the wall. They can add a stylish and modern touch to any bathroom. However, they can pose challenges based on their tall sides.

Wall-mount sinks

Wall-mount sinks are what they sound like — a sink mounted directly to the wall. These only consist of a basin and often times have some exposed plumbing below.

If exposed plumbing isn't your style, there are ways to hide it. But, for the most part, many people love this style for how it opens up bathroom floor space.

A wall-mounted sink takes up minimal space, so it's great for small or half bathrooms. However, these sinks don't offer much counter space and have no closed storage space underneath.

The wall mounted Synthesis 70 Basin from Studio Bagno

Console sinks

If you're looking for a showpiece with a little bit of vintage flair, you may want to consider adding a console sink to your bathroom. Console sinks are wall-mounted but also have legs that help support the basin.

The space underneath is left empty, allowing for some open storage. Add metal rods to act as a hand towel holder.

Traditionally with console sinks, the sink's basin is also the counter. You'll have enough room to place soap and maybe a few other toiletries.

This style of sink is great for those who love a minimalist design or for smaller bathrooms. But, for some, the lack of storage and counter space may pose an issue.

Semi-recessed sinks

Carved out of a slab of stone, semi-recessed sinks are made to look like the sink and countertop are one piece. However, they often may be assembled from multiple pieces.

These basins are slightly sunken, giving you some of the functional benefits of undermount sinks but the stylish aesthetic of a vessel sink. This allows you to have some room underneath a cabinet for storage as well as counter space.

You also have flexibility on where to place the tap. These sinks are great in homes that may have young kids but don't want to give up style.

Vanity sinks

One of the most popular and traditional styles of sinks are vanity sinks. These sinks have a cupboard underneath that allows you to have some storage for makeup, medication, and toiletries.

Vanity sinks are often sold as a complete piece of furniture. But you can also create a vanity sink with the right cabinet and sink basin combination. They offer many colour combinations and styles, making vanity sinks ideal to fit into any space.

So if you like the look of a certain cabinet, depending on the structure, you can use it as a vanity sink.

These sinks are great for homeowners who need extra storage. Vanity sinks are particularly great options for families or couples where multiple people would be using the same bathroom.

Sink with Leona vanity by Ultimate Tiles

What bathroom sinks are in style for your home?

When it comes to picking out your new sink you don't only want to think about what bathroom sinks are in style or on-trend. Find a sink that's ideal for both your lifestyle and aesthetic. That way, you’ll get the best of both worlds with a bathroom sink that is the perfect balance of style and substance.

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