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Rockcote Venetian Plaster is a traditional lime plaster developed for a high gloss interior finish. This modern Venetian Plaster system is durable, whilst remaining sleek and elegant, achieving a high fashion mirror finish.

Rockcote Venetian Plaster is ideal for crafting the polished cement render or polished concrete render industrial look made popular by urban cafes and restaurants and now featuring in distinctive architecturally designed homes and makeovers. Contemporary yet reminiscent of a traditional European stucco, Venetian Plaster delivers a truly opulent glass face finish, equally at home in an architecturally designed home and a lavish hotel.

Venetian Plaster is especially useful for columns and walls where the appearance and feel of marble is sought and can achieve the light-reflective, lustrous properties of marble without the weight.

The artisan is able to create a unique work of art personalised for your space or project. The use of Rockcote Venetian Plaster in a commercial or retail project offers a unique way to highlight products against a mirrored finish wall, while creating the appearance of a larger, more open space.

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Colour: Soft white. Can be tinted to a wide range of colours using liquid tints.
Finishes: Glass (if a lustre finish is required we recommend the use of Rockcote Marrakesh, Rockcote Otsumigaki or Rockcote Velvetina).
Undulations: Smooth. 

Rockcote Venetian Plaster is suitable for walls in wet areas but NOT suitable in showers, bath tubs, hand basins, floors, splash-backs or bench tops. Wet areas are defined as areas within a building, supplied with water from a water supply. They include bathrooms, laundries and toilets.

Note: Rockcote recommends that our Venetian Plaster be applied by a licensed tradesperson who has extensive experience in applying Rockcote Venetian Plaster for similar applications to your particular project. The success of each project requires the tradesperson to have a thorough technical knowledge of appropriate building design, substrate conditions and their client expectations to determine if this product is suitable for the particular project.


  • Can be polished to a mirror or glass finish
  • Provides the illusion of depth in a polished finish
  • Light-weight material: a marble look finish can be achieved in two coats
  • Zero VOC


  • Create a seamless finish
  • Stunning aesthetics can be achieved by the creative artisan
  • Pre-mixed product, just stir and apply
Scope of use
  • Venetian Plaster is ideal for crafting a polished cement render or polished concrete render industrial look.
  • Venetian Plaster is especially useful for columns and walls where the appearance and feel of marble is sought and can achieve the light-reflective, lustrous properties of marble without the weight. 
  • Suitable for interior decorative finishes.
  • Rockcote recommends ensuring clients sign off on samples to ensure all parties agree on aesthetics before the project begins, and all parties accept that aesthetics may change over time.
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Proudly Australian owned and operated, our factory is based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and our products can be found throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Whether for exterior or interior finishes, Rockcote’s reputation for quality and performance, combined with our company’s record of sustainability cannot be matched by our competitors.

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