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Corn Yard

It is always a special treat to see some of our most loved fireplaces feature in exquisitely designed projects. Even more so when they are the star of our favourite show, Grand Designs!

The project in question is Corn Yard by CODA Bespoke, a pair of neighbouring homes built on an industrial site where a 200-year-old old corn mill used to operate – thus inspiring the name. CODA Bespoke designed these matching black houses for twin brothers Nik and Jon Daughtry, whose dream it was to have their family homes right next door to each other. The twins clearly have an eye for design, and impeccable taste in fireplaces, as you will find a Stuv 16 fireplace in the living room of each striking home!

Designed for low maintenance living based on the use of untreated materials, exposed services and energy efficiency, it is no wonder Stuv 16 was chosen as the heating method of choice. This clever and easy to install fireplace boasts amazing heat efficiency, thanks to its ability to be room air-independent. As the name suggests, room air-independent fireplaces do not rely on air from within the room to fuel the fire – the oxygen required is sourced externally, ensuring the home remains safe as well as warm.

Photography: Tom Kahler

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Photography: Tom Kahler

Photography: Tom Kahler
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