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Towers Road House

Not a shrinking violet by any means, Towers Road House captivates from the first glance, sitting boldly amongst the manicured streets and traditional mansions of Melbourne’s Toorak.

With this multi-award-winning design, Wood Marsh has reimagined the concept of a home, creating “a sculpture to live within.” The Brutalist inspired concrete exterior of Towers Road House sits as a seemingly impenetrable curtain, a nod to Christo’s infamous Running Fence installation. The austere façade is contrasted beautifully by lush landscaping, blurring the line between public art space and domestic abode. Together, these elements enhance the undulation of the site, calling attention back to the naturally occurring forms in the landscape. Where other houses in this quiet Toorak street sit cloistered behind imposing fences, Towers Road House practically invites you to explore its exquisite, abstract beauty.

While the home itself sits as a sculptural marvel, the interior reveals a series of gallery-like rooms. This is the result of a shared ethos between architect and client that “contemporary art enriches life in a profound and meaningful way.”

The pièce de résistance of the project for us is, without doubt, the home’s circular sunken lounge. Reminiscent of the 1970s popular conversation pit, this cosy retreat acts as a stunning focal point, the perfect spot to reflect upon the home’s grand architecture. And taking pride of place in this magnificent room is the Filiofocus fireplace, a piece of contemporary art in its own right.

By challenging the traditional concept of what a home should look like, Wood Marsh has brought a sense of intrigue to an otherwise conventional locale. The resulting design is rich in its own character, a bold and unexpected statement in this blue ribbon suburb.

Photography: Peter Bennetts and John Gollings

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Photography: Peter Bennetts and John Gollings

Photography: Peter Bennetts and John Gollings

Photography: Peter Bennetts and John Gollings
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